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Texas Works Advisor I

Job Field: Government Jobs
Location: Texas

<P>Job/Position Description
Texas Works Advisor I

Accurately determines eligibility for TANF, Food Stamps and/or Medicaid Programs. Work involves interviewing clients, documenting information gathered, determining benefits, verifying case data, explaining program benefits and requirements. Reviews eligibility of clients for ongoing services

Essential Job Functions
Maintains a regular and predictable work schedule.
Obtains, verifies, and calculates income and resources to determine client financial eligibility (10%).
Interviews clients or authorized representative to gather information to determine eligibility for benefits (30%).
Conducts reviews to determine or verify eligibility or continued eligibility and benefit level (30%). Processes changes to client status, overpayments, and adjusts or restores benefits (15%). Documents case records using automated equipment to form a record for each client (10%). Communicates on an intermediate level with others (internally or externally) to provide, exchange, or verify information, answer inquiries, address issues, or resolve problems or complaints (5%).

Registrations, Licensure Requirements or Certifications

Knowledge Skills Abilities
Knowledge of interviewing techniques to obtain highly personal information makes inquiries, and resolve conflicting statements.
Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships, including the ability to work with people under pressure, negotiate among multiple parties, and resolve conflicts.
Skill in organizing, prioritizing, writing, proofreading, editing, filing, record keeping, and interpersonal communication.
Skill in communicating effectively both orally and in writing.
Ability to communicate orally and in writing.
Ability to perform basic arithmetic functions, including using decimals and computing percentages.
Ability to maintain effective working relationships with others.
Ability to listen to clients, elicit, relate and evaluate information; and interpret terms.
Ability to complete work within specified deadlines.
Ability to read, understand, and apply a variety of interrelated instructions, such as those found in guidelines, regulations, and policies.
Ability to establish priorities according to relative importance and deadlines; set goals; and manage time efficiently. Ability to identify conflicting information provided by clients or their authorized representatives.
Ability to operate computer equipment.

Initial Screening Criteria
High School Diploma or GED equivalent required.
Sixty (60) hours credit from an accredited college or university preferred. Two (2) years relevant work experience may be substituted for college credit.
Bilingual (English/Spanish) skills preferred.
Current TIERS Knowledge preferred.
Experience to indicate a general understanding of the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform duties.
Ability to work in a professional customer service environment required.
Preferred work experience in social service work: interviewing, counseling, public relations, loan processing, investigations; in the gathering of information; in programs which require applying complex policies to determine entitlements based on income; or in instructing, demonstrating, and interpreting policies to the public, clients, OR relevant work experience working as a clerk in eligibility programs, for example SNAP (Food Stamps) or TANF (cash assistance), medical eligibility, or similar entitlement programs; and education that demonstrates possession of the k https://jobshrportal.cpa.texas.gov/ENG/CareerPortal/job_profile.cfm?szOrderID=210848 Copy the URL in the preceding sentence to an Internet Explorer browser to apply to the job directly through the Texas Health and Human Services Career Portal.</P>